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One of the biggest barriers to giving, and giving effectively, is the American taboo around talking about money and wealth....
08 / 24 / 22
Recently, a well-respected philanthropist came to me on a mission to find more meaning in her giving. Many like her...
07 / 20 / 22
I started 2022 with an impossible goal—a goal that felt so unlikely, so totally implausible, that it was laughable in its...
04 / 24 / 22
In my neighborhood in Philadelphia, the effort to improve a physically dangerous, unattractive thoroughfare has come to illustrate one of...
03 / 02 / 22
Before any reports came out detailing the extent of the academic impact of the pandemic on students, education leaders were...
09 / 16 / 21
As school systems around the country manage the challenge of returning to in-person instruction amidst the surging Delta variant and...
09 / 01 / 21
Over the past few years, a variety of leaders in philanthropy have been calling for funders to embrace more risk in their...
08 / 03 / 21
So you’ve decided you want your philanthropy to be more transformative. Or innovative. Or to better live up to your aspirations...
06 / 21 / 21
One of the biggest barriers to high impact philanthropy is the fact that the people with the most  financial resources are rarely...
05 / 20 / 21
In America, we tend to believe that enough money can fix any problem. Who hasn’t sat around thinking, “If I...
04 / 09 / 21