Our shared purpose and passion are to realize the potential of philanthropy as an engine for systems change, and advance equity and opportunity for all. Our mission, vision, and values guide and inspire us in all we do.

Our Mission

Building Impact Partners works with the philanthropic community to build the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that transform people and systems and advance a more just, equitable world.

Our Vision

At Building Impact Partners, we envision a world in which resource engines distribute capital in all its forms joyfully, efficiently, and equitably, so that resources flow where they are most needed to create transformative impact on the issues that matter most to our shared future.

Our Values

Listening and Learning

We listen actively and work to understand each other and our clients deeply. We use what we learn to inform how we approach our work and our relationships. We are attuned to the needs of others and are constantly learning. We are open to and seek out new ideas and approaches, continually refining our understanding and going where the evidence leads us in order to reach common goals.

Building Trust

We build trusting, collaborative, and honest relationships. While we may each have a point of view, we are deeply committed to traveling a shared path together and appreciating individual perspectives. We express differences of opinion respectfully. We always act with integrity and work to align our actions with our beliefs.


We have an exceptionally high bar for quality – both in our work and in our interactions with one another and with clients. We sweat the small stuff and strive to exceed expectations. We come to each interaction prepared and we follow through on our commitments or re-negotiate if needed.


We proactively explore and address issues related to race, equity, and diversity on our team and in our work. We strategically confront present-day inequity, enabling others to deepen understanding of themselves – and, ultimately, the impact of their efforts. We model this approach by recognizing the limits of our own perspectives, continuing our individual journeys of self-exploration and discovery, and nurturing a culture that relishes inclusivity and personal growth.


We share a collective vision around the power of our work. We each contribute fully to the activities of the team, whether an internal project or a client engagement. We step in and help out other team members as needed – no job is too big or too small. We share information and resources openly. We work out conflicts as they arise. We demonstrate optimism and positivity and continually seek to deepen our relationships with each other.

Meet Our Team

Our team combines decades of first-hand experience with the insights, imagination and determination to develop enduring solutions.