Stanley Azuakola



As an analyst, Stanley thrives on drawing links between disparate ideas or events, providing key insights, uncovering overlooked perspectives, and weaving strong narratives that drive action.  Stanley subscribes to the principle of letting data lead the way. He founded a nonprofit that provided data on the issue positions of political candidates in Nigeria to enable voters to  compare and make informed choices on Election Day.  Stanley brings multiple lenses to our work at Building Impact having worked as a reporter, radio & TV host, and communications adviser at a presidential council. He also taught mathematics for one year at a rural high school where he coached the debate team. Stanley obtained  a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration from the City University of New York (City College), a Bachelor of Engineering degree (Electrical/Electronics) from the University of Benin in Nigeria, and a Data Science certification from General Assembly in New York. He is an alum of the US Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and the British Council’s Future Leaders Program. 

Fun Facts:

  • Stanley used to have dreams of writing fiction and has a published short story in an anthology edited by two of his favorite writers – Helon Habila and Tsitsi Dangeremgba. 
  • A sure way to Stanley’s heart is a ticket to any Broadway show. He says it’s his favorite ‘New Yorker thing’ to do. 
  • Stanley is a recovering news junkie.

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