Caitlin Hannon



As a partner, Caitlin finds joy in helping her clients tackle impossible problems, take bold risks, and jump into action. A deeply committed pragmatist, Caitlin believes that we all have the power to make change happen if we get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Caitlin is a serial entrepreneur, having spent nearly 20 years launching initiatives, organizations, and campaigns—including serving on the elected school board in Indianapolis, founding a nonprofit to help parents navigate school choice, and launching high-impact grantmaking opportunities focused on education and workforce development. Before earning a bachelor’s in public affairs at CUNY Baruch, Caitlin graduated from a conservatory theater program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Caitlin’s long history in the arts has made her a deep believer in the power of human narratives and storytelling—a belief that has carried over to her work in philanthropy, where she advocates for centering the stories of those most affected by the inequities we aim to address. As a mother of four (plus a bonus stepson!), Caitlin is deeply passionate about maternal health and wellness, particularly for low income mothers and mothers of color, and is always looking for ways to engage on this issue. She resides with her husband, Chuck, their many children, and two dogs, just outside of Annapolis, MD.

Fun Facts:

  • Caitlin got her first job at 15 and, thanks to being a nonworking actor at one time, has had a myriad of very random professional roles including everything from serving food, mixing paint, and dressing up as a penguin at Chicago’s Navy Pier.
  • Prior to having kids, Caitlin was a certified yoga instructor who assumed she would do prenatal yoga daily throughout her pregnancies. She did not, but she’ll get back to it eventually!
  • Caitlin is a closet introvert and would almost always choose to travel alone rather than with family or friends. She relishes opportunities to take solo retreats and nights away from the busyness of life. 

Caitlin’s Insights & Resources

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