Mike Wang



As a partner, Mike Wang works with philanthropists and social entrepreneurs committed to making a real and lasting impact on the world’s most pressing problems. Driven by insatiable curiosity, nothing gets Mike more fired up than diving headlong into what seem like unsolvable problems and working side by side with leaders and impacted communities to solve them—all while getting smarter along the way. In addition to leading strategy, advocacy, and new initiative startup projects in education, environmental conservation, workforce development, and more, Mike coaches senior leaders of all backgrounds working to unleash their full potential. After graduating from Tufts University, Mike taught high school in Louisiana—the most challenging and rewarding job he’s ever had—where he also served as education policy adviser to the governor and policy director to the Lt. Governor. He has worked in leading nonprofits and public policy roles for over twenty years, holding senior leadership positions at organizations including Teach For America, the Philadelphia School Partnership, the State of Louisiana, and more. Prior to joining Building Impact, Mike founded Leveraged Impact, a mission-driven consulting practice focused on helping philanthropists affect positive change. 

Fun Facts:

  • Mike is a committed Phillies fan, baseball coach, commissioner of a community little league, captain of a softball team, and a really big fan of all things baseball-related, even devastating losses.
  • Mike believes there are two kinds of people: those who love Philadelphia, and those who haven’t gotten to know it yet. 
  • Despite robust evidence to the contrary, Mike holds out hope that one day he will manage to avoid being outsmarted by his three opinionated children.

Mike’s Insights & Resources

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Every few months, I get a call from a philanthropist that goes something like this.  “Hey Mike, we know you...
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Forward-thinking philanthropists aren’t the kind of people to set up a scholarship fund and call it a day.  The funders that...
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Even in the best of times, making change and advancing equity and opportunity at a systemic level is challenging and...
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06 / 24 / 20

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