Alex Johnston


President and Founder

Alex is the President and Founder of Building Impact Partners. A Certified High Performance Coach and author of Money with Meaning: How to Create Joy and Impact Through Philanthropy, he has worked with dozens of donors, philanthropy advisors, and social entrepreneurs at the intersection of personal growth and systems change. Alex is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and serves on a number of nonprofit boards including FaithActs for Education and the Trust for Learning. A graduate of Harvard College, Alex received a D. Phil. in politics from Oxford University’s Lincoln College on a Rhodes Scholarship. He lives in New York City with his wife, Caroline, and their three sons.

Fun Facts:

  • In past lives, Alex has been the pastry chef at a gastro pub, director of operations at a housing authority, a registered lobbyist, and a licensed home improvement contractor.
  • In Alex’s experience dogs are uniquely gifted as bringers of joy—especially yellow labs.

Alex’s Insights & Resources

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